How to Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life? 7 amazing Battery Tips

Today we all using android smartphones. But one problem we all have face is those who use less expensive phones & those who use more expensive phones. Particularly those of us who use low budget phones have trouble getting to the phone with battery service. This post is very important for you if you are using a low budget phone like me & you are also having trouble with your phone battery service. If you follow my tips & tricks well, then I can tell you that you will get even more service from your battery life.

Best Way to Save Battery Durability:

1. Control your phone brightness. Here I will suggest that as much as you can use auto-brightness mode. Because brightness is a very important thing for battery service.


2. Don’t use live wallpaper. Because when you using live wallpaper apps then this type of apps waste a lot of battery power automatically in the background. If you want to save battery on your mobile then stay away from all this type of application.


3. Control mobile heat. When your phone becomes too hot than usual, then don’t use the phone. Take little rest because overheating will damage your phone battery life. These are very important things if you want to get a good battery service from your phone.


4. Don’t use auto-update on Play store and turn off auto-sync.


5. Control your mobile data & wifi. When you need mobile data or wifi then turn it on.  When your work is done the immediately turn off data. Because when you turn on data most of your mobile charge is damaged here. If you save a little bit of your mobile charge then follow the step.


6. Don’t open location service when you don’t need it. Because location service is very heavy for your mobile battery usage.  Use location service when you need it.


7. Clear background applications. When you need an app to open & after when your works are complete then you should clear all data from your home screen.


I hope you guys enjoyed these tips & tricks. If you want to save more battery on your mobile then you will definitely follow these steps. If you facing any other problem on your android phone then you can comment below & please describe your problem clearly we all try to reply as soon as possible. If you like these tips and tricks then please share this post with your friends.

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